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Cardio & Strength

The symbiosis of cardio exercises and strength exercises is one of the most popular forms of training in the world. The activity always starts with a warm up lasting 8-10 minutes during which the body is prepared for growing pressure, thus reducing the risk of injury. This is followed by a programme of cardio and strength exercises concentrating energy, optimizing movements and improving overall body tone. Cardio or aerobic exercise is particularly suitable for stabilization of the heart and blood circulation, as well as the respiratory system. In turn, power exercises strengthen muscles, leaving you with a beautiful body. Cardio and strength exercises take up to 45 minutes. Observing the interval method characteristic of this training programme, it is obligatory to end the training session with stretching exercises which develop flexibility, as well as reducing muscle tension, allowing you to relax and enjoy the effects of the training. Stretching usually lasts for 5-10 minutes.

What are the main advantages of cardio and strength class exercises?

Cardio exercise not only increases stamina, but also improves your health and feeling of well-being. Strength exercises that are geared towards exercising all muscle groups, correct the figure, reduce body tension and improve joint flexibility. Depending on your prior state of physical fitness, cardio and strength programmes can be of medium, medium-high and high intensity.

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