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Body Bike (Velo)

Body Bike is comprised of medium and high intensity activities on a special stationary training bike. This is stamina training placing therapeutic pressure on the spine, which improves and strengthens the functioning of the heart, blood circulation and respiratory system. Body Bike activities are also a great way of combating excess weight and cellulite, because calorie consumption during the course of a single training session is twice as high as that of an intensive aerobics activity. The main idea of the activity is to imitate active training on a bike. The activity intensively exercises leg and posterior muscles, as well as deep stomach muscles. Body Bike is also definitely recommended for strengthening the heart.

Sports Club “Centrs” offers its customers BB Cross activities which provide effective cardio exercise on a training bike accompanied by inspiring music under the supervision of a professional trainer for 55-60 minutes. In turn, BB 40’ + 20’ are activities in which the cardio exercise on a training bike lasts for 30-40 minutes and 20-30 minutes are spent doing (stomach, back) power exercises on a mat. The activities end with gentle stretching.