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Body and Mind

These activities are chosen by people who are interested not only in improving their body, but also their soul. This training is also suitable for those Sports Club “Centrs” customers for whom intensive training is not always enjoyable or appropriate. Exercises in this activity are carried out slowly; the movements are flowing and smooth, moreover, there are many isometric or motionless poses. These are training exercises that inspire, educate and motivate.

Why are body and mind activities suitable for you?

These activities do not train the heart, but they are a great exercise for joints and muscles, and “deep muscles” in particular. Since the movements are carried out slowly, you can exercise correctly, controlling the performance of each exercise. Precision and observance of exercise techniques are among the main conditions for attaining good results. If you exercise three times or more a week in cardio and strength class or dance class activities, we also recommend including body and mind class activities for inspiration and self-control.

Discover the harmony of your body and spirit under the management of the professionals at Sport Club “Centrs”!